The Bedside Edit

Create a restful retreat with functional yet ambient beside illumination.

Whether you are winding down with a good book or waking early before the sun has broken, choosing efficient bedside lighting is key in achieving a desirable and practical bedroom environment that reflects your life and style. From table to wall and pendant lights, each present a distinct quality that can enhance your bedside routine. "The light pattern of day and night is hardwired into our brains, and it is an inescapable fact that is a huge part of our wellbeing. Says Design Director James Bassant. He continues, "For millennia the setting sun changed the colour of the sky and the quantity of light and as mammals we responded by preparing for sleep. So, when it comes to our own bedtime routines, anyway that we can replicate these natural lighting rhythms through the lighting designs we choose, will aid good sleep".

  • Posted by Admin
  • February 16, 2022
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